25 Badass Baubles For The Loud And Proud Dog Lover On Your List

Written by: Claire Wolfson

July 13, 2015

VERAMEAT is an NYC-based jewelry line founded by Vera Balyura. Her collection is full of whimsical “contemporary heirlooms” and is inspired by experiences that are at once personal and universal — the result is any dog-loving fashionista’s dream!

Each piece of VERAMEAT jewelry is hand-crafted from fine materials such as 100% recycled sterling silver and pure 14 karat gold.

Fred Meat, Vera’s mascot/muse/BFF is the inspiration behind many of the pieces in her collection which celebrates tail-waggers everywhere. A gorgeous Affenpinscher with an endearing gremlin-like grin and wire-haired beard, Mr. Meat actually has a few signature pieces in VERAMEAT’s line accompanied by multiple other fabulous breeds including Basset Hounds, FrenchiesDoxies and more!


1. Baby Bull Ring$48

The sweetest baby Bulldog ring you ever did see. Perfect for stacking with other furry-faced VERAMEAT rings like the Doxie Babe Ring and the Tiny Frenchie Ring!


2. Basset Hound Charm Necklace$90

Any hound lovers dream necklace! A simple piece that could easily be worn everyday as a daily reminder of who you love the most.


3. Boston Terrier Ring, $140

You can’t say no to those ears or that squishy face!


4. Brussels Griffon Ring$158

Vera has a soft spot for Ewok faces so obviously the Brussels Griffon and the Affenpinscher are her favorite dog breeds. Now you can take those special little gremlin faces with you wherever you go!


5. Chester Chihuahua Ring$148

Calling all Chi lovers! This brilliant Chihuahua ring makes an endEARing gift…or the perfect addition to your own personal collection 😉


6. Doxie Babe Ring$40

Another amazingly stackable piece for the avid Doxie lover on your list. The only thing cuter than a tiny Dachshund is a tiny Dachshund and an even tinier BABY Dachshund!


7. Tiny Pointer Necklace$68

Pointers are loyal and smart because they were bred for guiding and hunting. With this pup around your neck you’ll never be lost again.


8. Frenchie Kiss Ring$50

Two Frenchies are better than one! These delicately crafted smooshy faces are guaranteed to add the perfect amount of charm to any Frenchie lover’s paws.


9. Frenchie Studs$48

These understated Frenchie stud earrings are the perfect everyday accessory for any Bully lover!


10. Labrador Charm Necklace$88

This charm-ing necklace comes in 3 different styles: a gold brass Golden Retriever, an oxidized silver Black Lab, or a sterling silver Yellow Lab. Now your Secret Santa can keep their BFF close to their heart at all times!


11. Frenchie Face Ring$170

Treat your dog-devoted friends and family to some squishy-faced style for a good cause! Twenty percent of profits from this splendid French Bulldog ring go to BARC Shelter in Williamsburg, NY.


12. Pug Life Charm Necklace$118

High paws for another good cause! Fifteen percent of proceeds from this pug pendant go to a no-kill shelter in LA. Pug life forever!


13. Puppy Ring$200

Without a doubt the cutest set of brass knuckles there ever was! Nobody’s gonna mess with a bad motherpupper with a clenched fistful of puppy dog tails.


14. Frenchie Necklace, $180

So real he just might burp, this face is the most pawfect representation of a Frenchie. Wear it with pride on the regular!


15. Tiny Pomeranian Necklace$88

A tiny, shiny Pom is the perfect finishing touch for any dog lover’s ensemble.


16. Basset Hound Ring, $38

Also available in several other of your favorite breeds, this adorable Basset Hound ring is a simple yet stunning way to advertise that puppy pride.


17. Chihuahua Ring$38

Some days all you need is someone to give you a sign that everything’s gonna be okay, this long-haired Chihuahua is up for the job with his trademark wink always at the ready.


18. Dog & Cat Vmoji Ring$50

VERAMEAT’s mascots, Fred Meat the pup and Yummy Breakfast the kitty can both be worn on your paw in one adorkable ring. Your everyday adventures just got way cuter!


19. Vmoji Fred Ring$30

Or maybe you want to leave the cat at home and just carry Meat’s face with you as you run your errands. Sorry kitty!


20. Pomeranian Ring$38

This Pom emoji style ring captures the little fluffy butts perfectly, adorable with a touch of their trademark ‘tude.


21. Frenchie Ring$38

Last but not least of the emoji-inspired mutt mugs, this Frenchie’s squishy face decks your digits out doggie-style 😉


22. Tiny Frenchie Necklace$118

This might be your new best friend! The tiniest, cutest, Frenchie you ever did see.


23. Puppy Love Ring$140

They say three’s a crowd, but if this is the crowd in question, we definitely don’t mind.

puppy ring_verameat

24. Pug Love Ring$138

For the Pug lover in your life, this golden gremlin is the perfect addition to anyone’s treasure chest.

last one

25. Snoop Dog Brass Ring, $40

Show off your love for all things pup with this dainty Snoopy Dog Ring available in the BarkShop!



BONUS: Fred Tote$48

Tote your pup, your presents, even your pawliday potluck noms in style with this black canvas bag emblazoned with sparkly golden pooches galore.

fred tote_verameat

Featured image via VERAMEAT

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Written by: Claire Wolfson

July 13, 2015

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