Love Is In The Air When John Legend And Chrissy Teigen Host An Adorable Dog Wedding

I didn’t think any celebrity couple could be cuter than singer John Legend and model Chrissy Teigen…but their own pups may have them beat!

Legend created The Show Me Campaign to help every child access a quality education. To raise funds for the nonprofit, Legend is giving away the chance to win a private concert! For a $10 donation, you can enter to win a performance by the Grammy winning artist at your wedding, birthday party, or other special event.

Here’s the pawsomely romantic part—to promote the fundraiser, Legend staged a wedding for Puddy and Pippa, his two bulldogs (English and French, respectively). He serenades the lovebugs with his hit song “All of Me” as cake is eaten and a bouquet is tossed. Teigen shows up at the end in a funny cameo. Watch the cuteness unfold below.

Claire Beaudreault

7 years ago

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