Service Dog Honored With Diploma, Graduates With His Human Buddy

This handsomely dressed pup is earning the ultimate honor- no, it’s not a plate of prime rib. It’s a diploma! Kirsch, a service dog, accompanied Carlos Mora to every class in his program at Johns Hopkins. So when Mora graduated with his Masters in Mental Health Counseling, Kirsch was bestowed with an honorary degree in the same field.

dog 3

Kirsch wasn’t available for comment on how he intends to apply his degree, but his paw-spects are good. Unlike most fresh graduates, he already has a pretty good job, and it looks like he’s doing gangbusters at work. And Johns Hopkins emphasized that Kirsch did not have to pay for his diploma. Big relief, since most student loan holders don’t allow repayment in kibble.

Featured Image & h/t The Huffington Post

Will Storie

7 years ago