The Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert Reunion Was Even More Awesome Than We Imagined

Written by: Ally Nesmith

May 9, 2016

Ever since they retired their roles on their respective shows, fans of funnymen Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, have had their fingers crossed for a reunion. Another show? Yes please. A movie? Sounds good! An all-night disco dance-a-thon? Dreams do come true!

But while the reunion will take none of those forms, it is for something arguably even more awesome. The duo will be joining together in the name of animal advocacy.


Colbert is on the advisory board of the Montclair Film Festival, of which his wife is the board President, and this past Saturday John Stewart joined them to announce the screening of the film Unlocking The Cage. After its debut at Sundance, Unlocking The Cage has been hailed as a groundbreaking, maddening, and incredibly important film which tells the story of animal rights lawyer — and hero — Steven Wise.


Steven Wise has fought a difficult fight in animal protection law for over thirty years and the film focuses on his battle to break down the judicial barrier between animals and humans. His legal team, the Nonhuman Rights Project, are making history by trying to transform the court’s perception of an animal as a thing, a piece of property, into a person with legal rights worthy of protecting.


In the film, the NhRP argues that “certain creatures with advanced cognitive capabilities — like chimpanzees, dolphins, and elephants — should be provided with certain personhood rights in order to protect them from abuse.”


Stewart and his wife Tracey are known awesome animal activists who even turned their farm into a sanctuary last year, so it’s no surprise that Stewart leant his notoriety to a cause near and dear to his heart.


Nothing makes us happier than people we love lending a paw to a cause we believe in.

Hear more of what Steve Wise has to say in the video below and be sure to check out Unlocking The Cage when it hits theaters May 25th!


H/T Upworthy

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Written by: Ally Nesmith

May 9, 2016

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