Jumping Dog Takes Over The Internet, But Can’t Find Furever Home

Lately, one 14-month-old hound has been leaping all over the Internet. Why? Because this adorable pup wants to be adopted so badly, she bounces up and down when she sees a person! Once the video of Sadie was posted, the video quickly went viral. As the Edmonton Humane Society told Buzzfeed:
"[The] sign on her kennel is the most accurate sign in the history of dogs..When she gets excited (usually when she first meets you), she lets you know it by jumping on you, licking, pawing, and frantically wagging her tail.”
They later added though she is a bundle of joy, she probably needs to learn how to show her love with a bit more...calm. Sadie is still up for adoption. Due to her high energy, she has yet to find the perfect fit. [caption id="attachment_35405" align="alignnone" width="600"]via Edmonton Humane Society via Edmonton Humane Society[/caption] Hopefully she will find her furever home soon! Contact The Edmonton Humane Society on how to help Sadie finally get adopted!
Featured Image via Edmonton Humane Society
h/t to Buzzfeed

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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