11 Accessories With Attitude For Pug-Loving Pup Parents

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

August 14, 2015

Even if you don’t like Pugs, you secretly like Pugs. It’s in their bug-eyes, and their wrinkles, and their cinnamon roll tails. You just can’t help but smile when you see one. They speak to you, in the language of grunts and snorts. They are tiny inspirational meatballs–Pugs make you feel good, simple as that.

For those Pug-ruvers and pawrents alike, check out these sassy accessories with your favorite pug mugs.

1. Pug at My Heartstrings Scarf, $22.99

As summer fades into fall, hang onto floral pops of color and OMIGOSH LOOK AT THOSE FACES.


2. Sock It To Me Pugs Knee Socks, $10.95

Toes are important too, and your weird human paws should be rockin’ it 24/7 with pink ‘n Pugs.


3. Handmade Pug Ring in black, silver, or gold, $65

Three times the Pugs means triple the cuteness.


4. Pug In Love Tote Bag, $20

The perfect tote to lug around all your Nicholas Sparks novels…


5. Sterling Silver Pug Necklace, $45

Small and unimposing, this pendant will keep your pup’s heart close to yours.


6. Pug Nail Decals, $8

The ONLY way to up your nail game. No amount of sparkles and painted designs will top these smush-faced decals.


7. Pug Lady Leather Flip-Flops, $45

Even when people avoid eye contact on the subway and stare at the floor, they’ll know the extent of your Pug love.


8. Galactic Pug Print Boypants, $8

Girl, are those space-undies? ‘Cause they are outta this world.


9. Catseye Pug Nail Files (pack of 6), $7.17

He’s judging our broken, uneven nails right now. But he can help.

nail files

10. Black Leather Pug Watch, $46.49+

Corporate casual for those important work meetings, yet secretly hilarious.


11. Pug Face Earrings, $19.92

These cheeky little studs would go great with some Frenchie ear cuffs.


Featured Image via AllYouNeedIsPugShop

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

August 14, 2015