UPDATE: K9 Hero Saved From Kill Shelter Gets The Retirement He Deserves

Written by: Regina Lizik

December 14, 2015

**UPDATE December 17, 2015**

Retired police dog Buster got an unexpected surprise recently when he all of a sudden had not one, but two people looking to take him home. Four Paws Sake NYC, who pulled Buster from the kill shelter he was left at by his previous handler, found him a human well-suited for the job.


Just days before he was meant to leave, however, a ghost from his past came to claim him. A correctional officer who proved he was Buster’s original owner heard what had happened to him, and now he’s back with the dog he once worked with.

Now the pup can enjoy retirement with a familiar face that will never give him up. Phyllis Taiano of Four Paws Sake, and also the person who found Buster his previous adoptive home, declined to comment to NY Daily News about the changed decision.

H/t NY Daily News

**Original Story**

Buster is an eight year old German Shepherd. From the time he was eighteen months old, he lived his life with a fellow police officer – that is until last week. Buster’s former handler, and the person the pup thought was his forever human, surrendered the GSD to a shelter in Brooklyn, NY.

Buster’s previous owner said that he was having personal problems and that there were no issues with the former canine cop. In fact, Buster is great with kids and because he’s been through rigorous police pup training, he has excellent manners. The shelter did recommend that the K9 be placed in a home without other dogs or cats.

buster retired k9

Buster has a lot going for him, but he was put on the shelter’s “urgent” list after only a few days. That’s a tragedy for any dog, but it’s baffling to see it happen to one who has given his life to protect and serve.

You can tell how confused and frightened the once brave police pawfficer was in the shelter. Thankfully, he wasn’t there long.

Four Paws Sake, NYC Animal Rescue swooped in and saved Buster!

Here’s what they had to say on their Facebook page:

Buster has permanent placement with a Handler for Retired K9’s.
we did nothing out of the ordinary as a rescue group. We brought a dog to safety where he will live out the remainder of his life happy, with experienced hands, in the right home.

I encourage everyone who is reaching out that wanted to adopt him, that they go to AC&C and adopt another German Shepard in need or look for a GSD in your area and adopt! They all have a story… Please go down to ACC and adopt a dog or cat.

We are so happy for Buster! He’s going to have the wonderful retirement he deserves!

h/t Pet Examiner.

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Written by: Regina Lizik

December 14, 2015

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