85-Lb. Beagle ‘Kale Chips’ Wants To Get Healthy With You In 2015

Written by: People Pets

January 13, 2015

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Here’s a dog with a hefty New Year’s resolution.

Image via PEOPLE Pets

Kale Chips is an 85-pound Beagle looking to shed some serious weight in 2015, Chicagoist reports.

The oversized pooch used to live with an elderly woman who liked to show her love through food. When his previous owner could no longer care for him, Chicago Animal Care and Control took him in. But Kale Chips’s weight was too much for ACC to handle, and the group soon put out a call to other animal shelters for help.

Image via Chicagoist

Chicago-based One Tail at a Time was the one to answer. The animal rescue sent a representative to pick up the pooch – but ended up needing a wagon to move the beagle out of the pound.

Image via One Tail At A Time Facebook

Now that Kale Chips has been wheeled into the shelter, he is on a strict diet set up to help him lose a pound week. A healthy Beagle weighs between 22-25 lbs., so KC has a long way to go, but the shelter is confident he can make the change.

One Tail at a Time is encouraging humans to join in Kale Chips’s weight loss journey and use the plump pooch as an inspiration to get healthy in the new year.

Image via One Tail At A Time Facebook

The shelter has set up a challenge where anyone can pledge a certain amount of miles (biking, walking, running) that he or she will be active through by the end of February, so Kale Chips doesn’t have to go through his fitness journey alone.

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Featured image via Chicagoist

Written by: People Pets

January 13, 2015