Husky Puppy Betrayed By Former Marine Owners Is All Grown Up And Flourishing

Written by: Nicole Zalat

May 29, 2015

**Update March 22, 2016**

Kane is no puppy anymore! He is loving life in his forever home and is a great ambassador for fellow rescue pups.


The following Facebook post from Ranch Dog Rescue explains the consequences faced by the married couple who abused Kane:

The following is an excerpt I received from the USMC this evening, about the outcome of the abuse investigation for…

Posted by Ranch Dog Rescue on Thursday, November 19, 2015

Neither marine received jail time or fines, and as of the most recent update the husband was not reprimanded at all.

We’re thrilled Kane is doing so wonderfully—he is a perfect example of the canine spirit at its best. Congrats Kane!


When California rescue group Ranch Dog Rescue found this 5-month-old Husky, he was in terrible condition. The 11-pound pup had his muzzle bound shut with rubber bands for so long the scars went down to the bone. His back legs had been broken, and his teeth were rotten.



His owners, a married couple of Marines, are now being held for investigation at Camp Pendleton. Kane has had surgery to repair his legs and is now in recovery.


Founder of Ranch Dog Rescue Maureen Keo says:

I could not have asked, or hoped, for a better prognosis. All three veterinarians who treated Kane agree that the extent of his injuries are a clear sign of neglect and the result of severe abuse.


She continues, “Now, Kane finally has a voice but best of all, he has found a home.”


After posting the beautiful pup’s picture on their Facebook page, Ranch Dog Rescue had many people offering to take the pup in and give him a loving home. Keo says, “In six weeks or so, when the beautiful baby boy has recovered from surgery, Kane will join a loving family experienced with special needs pets.”

Here he is now, showing off that distinctive Husky grumble!

What an improvement!!! Kane woke up singing the song of his people, ready for breakfast! I was able to catch a bit of it…

Posted by Ranch Dog Rescue on Wednesday, May 20, 2015


For more from this amazing rescue and updates on Kane and the other pups they help, follow Ranch Dog Rescue on Facebook!

Featured image via Ranch Dog Rescue
h/t to Fox 5 News and Daily Mail

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Written by: Nicole Zalat

May 29, 2015

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