The Shocking Truth Behind Why Key & Peele’s New Movie Features A Kitten Instead Of A Puppy

If there's one thing that we can count on in this life, it's that baby animals melt our hearts. Especially in movies. And especially if those movies feature adorable puppies. It only makes sense, then, that in comedy duo Key & Peele's upcoming flick "Keanu," one of the main stars is an adorable kitten. Key and Peele-Keanu Wait, what? A kitten?! keanu giphy Yes. Yes, it's true. After getting dumped, a broken-hearted Rell (Peele) finds a kitten at his doorstep and falls in love with it (as you do? I guess?). He names the kitten Keanu, telling his pal Clarence (Key) that the name means "cool breeze”. Turns out that Keanu is actually owned by a drug lord and the kitty is (cat)napped by another drug gang. kitty gone So what made the two choose a kitten over a puppy? According to Key, kittens are, “both graceful and completely vulnerable [which] gave us this good comedic juxtaposition when you have somebody as a street Method Man holding a kitty.” I guess that's a fair point. After all, puppies aren't exactly graceful. clumsy pup Check out the trailer for "Keanu" and be sure to catch it in theaters. Even as a pup lover, I can honestly say it looks great. [embed][/embed] [bp_related_article]
Featured image via Coming Soon

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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