Khalessi The Pit Bull Wins ‘Underdog Of The Year’ At World Dog Awards

Written by: Arin Greenwood

January 15, 2016

We can’t think of a more deserving dog, to get a more fitting honor.

Khalessi the Pit Bull was presented with the “Underdog” award on Thursday night, at the World Dog Awards.

Under Dog of the year! 2016 is going to be the year that Khalessi’s Foundation makes a difference in the lives of dogs in need! Thank you…..

Posted by Khalessi on Thursday, January 14, 2016


Khalessi — as you probably know, since this girls’s story has moved so many, so strongly — is a little dog who lost half her face and the use of her back legs to abuse before she landed in a high-kill Florida animal shelter this past August.

Her small body was wrecked in a host of different ways, when Passion 4 Pits founder Stephanie Paquin and her husband Mike Fleury got Khalessi out of the shelter and into their rescue group, promising to make her life, and her body, better.

Even then, her tail didn’t stop wagging.


In the months since, Khalessi’s thousands upon thousands of fans have watched the dog endure reconstructive surgeries that let her breathe and eat and sleep and walk a little easier.

Watching Khalessi heal has let them — us — breathe a little easier, too.


And she’s become a symbol of the horrors that humans can inflict upon animals — but also of redemption now, and hope.

Paquin said in her moving acceptance speech that she wants to use Khalessi’s ever-growing platform to spread awareness about animal abuse, “and just change the way that abused animals are viewed.”

“She is loving. She is forgiving,” Paquin said. “I can’t thank everyone enough for the support we have received for her.”

Here is the full clip and hopefully a better quality.

Posted by Khalessi on Thursday, January 14, 2016

BarkPost was lucky enough to be at a World Dog Awards viewing party with Ms. Khalessi herself.

It was at a Florida bar called Salty’s, and Khalessi wore a fetching pink hoodie and a purple collar that read “I’m a Disney Princess.” (BarkPost may have kissed Khalessi’s sweet face a dozen or so times; she was very patient with us.)

Khalessi was surrounded by kvelling friends, supporters and a host of other adorable Pit Bulls who’d been brought along.

The dog of honor herself spent the ceremony nestled safely in her dad’s arms.


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Featured image via Khalessi’s Facebook Page

Written by: Arin Greenwood

January 15, 2016