Kid President And His Fuzzbutt Buddy Basically Show Why Every Kid Needs A Dog

If you aren't familiar with Robby Novak as Kid President, you've really got to stick around and see this. This little dude is inspirational, hilarious, and has my vote for Prez even though he's only eleven. For you KP newbies, this kid has a series of popular YouTube videos and starred in a television show by the same name. [bp_related_article] What makes this particular episode awesome is the topic: Pet Heroes! We all have one, and KP's just so happens to be his wonderful little rescue Chihuahua, Annie. She teaches him valuable lessons in snuggling, and has a knack for giving kisses at the exact moment her human's mouth is open. Go Annie, you awesome dog, you. mouth kisses What KP doesn't know, but we've all just learned after watching this, is that every kid---every human!---needs a dog. Because with great dogs come great people, and we're lookin' at one right here!
H/t YouTube/SoulPancake

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago

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