13 Drawings By Kids That Hilariously Reveal How They See Their Pups

Dogs are pretty magical creatures no matter how we look at them. But when we combine their inherent awwwwdorable with a child's imaginative world view? Hilarity ensues. Let us take a few moments to appreciate a child's eye view of their canine counterparts. 1. "I'm smiling... why don't I get a purple hat, too?" kid_drawing_11 2. "My tongue is just as long as that cartoon dog's. Gimme a treat!" dalmation 3. C-U-T-E. That's how to spell it. dox 4. "Yeah, ok he's bigger. But he had sharpie help!" dogyellpw 5. "I'm the lady. So we know what that makes the marker creature." Lady 6. "His eyes are freaking me the *#*$#*@ out." dog eyes 7. "Log on top, log on bottom. You say dug, I say dig." #LetsCallTheWholeThingOff CoverDog 8. "My ears are NOT that droopy." dog 9. "One thing in common: We both water our flowers with pee." doxie 10. "You gonna use that tree? My house could use a patio." Tree house 11. "Dude- what happened to your paws? You okay, man?" redsetter 12. "You think YOU should be called Sparkles?" sparkles 13. "Uhhh... hi paws?" dane
Featured image via @athenaspack Instagram and Pauline Persin

Dr. Katy Nelson

7 years ago

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