Pupdate: King Goes From Being A Lonely Rescue Dog To A Loving Family Pup

Written by: Stephanie Valente

July 31, 2015

Major celebrations are in order! If you’ve been keeping up with some rescue pups that we recently featured in Here’s The Easiest Way To Cheer Up Lonely Rescues at Animal Haven, you’ve seen a few pups that want a home and family. One pup in particular, King, stood out to me.


The sweet and anxious boy was just dripping with love and eagerness around humans. He loved playing and being around people. King quickly and happily played with his toys and showed us a few tricks. While putting together my previous post and watching videos, I hoped that King would find a forever family that would see how gentle and loving he is.


And then, I got my wish. While making the internet rounds on all the cute, heart warming, and funny pup related news, I saw that King found his family. Lexa and Tim welcomed King into their lives and now he has a true forever home.

king family

On King’s first night home, Lexa said:

“The first night when Tim and I were snuggling him he breathed a sigh of relief that just showed us how happy he was to finally be home. To us it really showed how relaxed he was.”

From this touching moment, it shows that dogs can cope with anxiety with support in a new home. And the love works with both ways.

“Overall we are just so excited to have been rescued by King and have the love of a dog in our home.”

cute king

King is enjoying the daily routines in a home, from eating and checking up on his humans, relaxing, and spending quality times in a new, loving space. Way to go, King! And to King’s humans, enjoy the wonderful journey. 💗

king and parents

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Featured image via Striking Paws and H/t via The Dodo

Written by: Stephanie Valente

July 31, 2015