Tiny Kitten Spends His Days Cuddled Up In This Collie’s Fluffy Fur

Reddit user doihavetosignup posted pictures of their mother's new kitten pal, Moses. Kittens are pretty cute, but even cuter was that the tiny cat fell head over paws in ruv with Molly the Collie. Moses makes googly eyes at her and refuses to sleep anywhere that isn't right next to his new love. Moses always has a nice fluffy bed to lounge on. Molly and Moses And is snuggled up in Molly's fur. Molly and Moses If Moses gets cold, Molly's fluff keeps him warm. Molly and Moses Moses makes an excellent pillow. Molly and Moses Moses is so attached to Molly that he probably thinks he's a dog, not a cat. Molly and Moses Their canine sibling refuses to be a third wheel and likes to get in on the cuddles. Molly and Moses But nothing can get in-between these two cuties and their goodnight kisses. Molly and Moses Neither of them have any doubt that they'll be BFFs furever. Molly and Moses You can follow more of Moses and Molly's life here on Reddit.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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