Proof That Dogs Are Not Immune To Mean Tweets. Even Famous Ones.

Written by: Morgan Greenwald

October 8, 2015

Even celebrity dogs aren’t immune to the name-calling associated with some of our more unique-looking furry friends. To combat the haters, model Kylie Jenner and YouTube star Jenna Marbles, both proud owners of Italian Greyhounds, got together earlier this week to film a puppy version of “Mean Tweets” on Kylie’s app, featuring Kermit Marbles and Norman Jenner.


Clad in superhero and dinosaur costumes, the dogs relaxed while the two read and responded aloud to mean tweets about their dogs from Twitter. One of the meaner tweets read: “Why Kylie Jenner would ever purchase a large rat and name it Norman is beyond me,” to which Marbles reassured Norman, “You’re not a rat; you’re a dinosaur!” Another tweet called Jenna’s dog “uglie”, which is just plain rude (and bad spelling).


What people on the Internet fail to recognize is that dogs have feelings too — even celebrity dogs. Nevertheless, Norman and Kermit seem to have enjoyed their puppy playdate… even if they didn’t love playing dress-up.

sad pupper in costume

If you’re curious to see what else went down, the full video is available on Kylie’s app, which offers a free 7-day trial.

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Featured image via MTV

Written by: Morgan Greenwald

October 8, 2015