This Lab With A Bizarre Snore Just Might Be The Cadbury Bunny…Or Richard Nixon

Step right up, step right up.

Don’t be frightened, folks. That’s not the dying engine of a truck you hear, or an infant exploring the wonderful world of all the mouth noises they can make. No, it’s just this adorable Labrador Retriever snoring. Ladies and gentlemen, this is perhaps the only snore in the world that’s cute enough to listen to all day. While it’s a fact that Labs like to use their mouths to hold objects, we’ve never quite seen or heard them use their mouths in this way before. Please don’t ever make this stop because we can listen to it all day.

So let’s be quiet so as to not wake this sweetie up.

h/t Kyoot Animals


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Taryn Brooke

6 years ago

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