Labrador Loves Bananas So Much He Just Takes The Whole Bunch

This SHHH is bananas...B-A-N-A-N-A-S! How is it possible for a pooch to love bananas so much? Meet Vixon, the banana-loving pooch who can't seem to get enough bananas in his life...we truly think it's just bananas. Vixon's 15-year-old owner Kayla tells Buzzfeed that she doesn't really understand his obsession with bananas and why it all got started. banana dog 3 cut “Whenever anyone is eating a banana, he’ll follow them around, jump up and try and get it,” Kayla told BuzzFeed. And it's not just the sight of the banana that gets Vixon. banana dog 4 cut [bp_related_article] “Even if I just say the word ‘banana’ he’ll stare at me and follow me until I give him some," Kayla adds. "I usually just rip bananas up into pieces and give it to him like that” dog-loves-bananas-3 Maybe Vixon just really knows the importance of getting his daily dose of potassium. Can't blame him for that.

Featured image via Buzzfeed


Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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