Hungry Labrador Sparks A House Fire After Mistakenly Igniting The Stove

“If I can’t enjoy this pizza, NOBODY WILL.”

That was the thought allegedly running through Brookfield the Lab’s head when he nearly set fire to his home one evening. At least, that’s what I imagine. He’ll probably tell you it was an accident, but who’d buy that, right?

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Anyway, when his parents went to enjoy their pizza dinner, this guy snuffled through the boxes on the stove and turned a knob to ignite the flame. Within seconds the boxes caught fire, and Mom and Dad ran in at the perfect moment to extinguish the blaze. Fortunately, they were home when it happened, which typically isn’t the case.


Learn from Brookfield’s mistake and never leave your pups in a room when you aren’t with them! As an added precaution, you may want to consider removing the stove knobs.

Let’s stop the arsonist dogs!

H/t Inside Edition

Dr. Katy Nelson

7 years ago