16 Mischievous Labradoodles Who Swear They Won’t Get Caught Next Time

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

July 8, 2015

Some dogs are just better at getting in trouble (and getting caught) than others. Dog Shaming has some pretty solid evidence that Labradoodles are plain old rebels. Here are 16 of our favorite ‘doodles on the site:

1. “Everyone loves pumpkin flavor!”

dogshaming with stanlee

2. “It’s wabbit hunting season!”

eating rabbit poop

3. “I’ll admit… I’m a panty raider.”


4. “I’ve got a thing for feet.”

Toby sock shame

5. “In my defense, when is pantsing not funny?”

pulling down pants

6. “Gotta get that fiber somehow, amiright?”

chew on deck

7. “At least we have good taste!”


8. “So there might be healthier ways to get out my aggression.”

scratch carpet

9. The cutest kind of massacre.

ripped doll

10. “I just need to practice for my driver’s test!”

locked out of car shame

11. “Again, everyone loves that pumpkin flavor!”

pumpkin killer

12. “I just wanted to go fishing!”

dog goes fishing

13. “If anything, I’m committed.”


14. “Hey, I’m just carbo-loading.”


15. “We all have different tastes!”

lick armpit

16. “Well we couldn’t agree on one type of cuisine.”


Featured image via Dogshaming

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

July 8, 2015