Meet Lady Bug, The One-Eyed Pirate Pomeranian Who Has Plundered Our Hearts

Take a #PuppyBreak. Come on, you deserve it. A new puppy featured every Wednesday! We're saying Hey What's Up, Hello to Lady Bug, the 12-year-old pupper with a knack for stealing hearts and a slight difficulty nailing high fives. The small fluff may struggle with her depth perception (her hooman says it takes her a couple of tries to get her "shake"), but Ladybug's tenacity and general pup-beatness makes up for her missing peeper. 12965254_528472157356051_1955709866_n Lady Bug lost her eye a couple of years ago when her and her then-hoomans were watching Fourth of July fireworks with a big dog, who got scared and bit poor Lady. But Lady's a sassy fluffernut who doesn't hold a grudge. Her dad tells BarkPost she still barks her mind at all of the big puppers at the park. 10817739_1508049152836251_1563052495_n [bp_related_article] one Lady's dad also says she's pretty much used to sporting just one eye by now. In fact, other than her super loud snore, it's her best pup-cessory, despite slight problems getting onto the bed and taking treats. 12093477_1656480561257201_318473324_n And like her spirit hooman, Fetty Wap, her amazing hair and one eye is getting her lots of attention in Paw-lywood! Lady's a real Treat Queen that's here to remind us that you don't have to be perfect to be beautiful; in fact, it's the reason this little pirate caught our eye(s). 12062994_1489637871337893_1112662730_n For more Lady Bug the Pirate Dog, give her a follow on her Pupstagram.  

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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