Photo Of 15-Year-Old Dog’s Last Car Ride Proves That Love Changes Everything

Written by: Regina Lizik

November 15, 2015

A few days ago, a Reddit user posted an image of his senior dog’s last car ride to r/aww.


While the photo broke the subreddit’s rules of no sad content, the image of the dog, named Libra, resonated with everyone who laid eyes on it. It brought up memories of beloved dogs who have passed on and reminded people of the fleeting amount of time that we have with those pups still in our lives.

senior dog last ride 3

As heartbreaking as this photo is to look at, because you know what’s coming, it’s also heartwarming. It is so clear from the look on Libra’s face that her life has been full of love. The tragedy of owning a dog is that you know that, one day, they will leave you. One day they will break your heart, but until then, you both get to shower each other with love and kisses and spend endless days playing fetch and sharing bacon.

Those simple moments of love are all that matter, and you can tell that’s the kind of life this dog lived.

Libra’s human wrote this:

She was about 15 years old and I’ve had her since I was a kid. She started getting very sick (frequent seizures, couldn’t control her bladder, etc.) Libra was ready to go, so we helped her. She was so peaceful and happy and the picture makes me feel better about not having her around anymore.

Run free, sweet pup.

h/t + featured image via ewhippieyoustink2/Reddit

Written by: Regina Lizik

November 15, 2015