This Swanky Setup Is Fancier Than Most Human Houses – And It’s A Rescue!

Written by: Melina Giakas

October 30, 2014

Dog Tales is an animal rescue and sanctuary unlike any you have seen before. Its open acres and posh doggie rooms are bound to leave you howling with excitement!


Image via Toronto Star

Dog tales is a nonprofit animal sanctuary that provides housing for abused and neglected dogs along with retired racehorses. The facility is located on 50 acres of land just north of Toronto, Canada. The doggie dreamland is equipped with private kennels that are more like master suites for doggie residents. Each is furnished with an antique, custom-made sofa, and sound system playing classical tunes to provide a calm and conformable environment!


Image via Dog Tales

The organization was founded by husband and wife team Rob Sheinberg and Danielle Eden. The dog-loving duo worked hard to create a space where troubled dogs could grow accustomed to life at home, preparing them for adoption. With this in mind, guests are encouraged to tour the facility and interact with dogs. Even those not looking to adopt are welcomed to come play with Dog Tales’ four legged residents.


Image via Toronto Star

In addition to reforming dog’s behavior tendencies Dog Tales provides pups with the medical care they need, covering anything from blood work to surgeries. One of the first to receive care was Napa, a Neapolitan Mastiff who was rescued from Israel. Napa was hit by a car and suffered from a broken knee and hip. Fortunately, the organization covered her medical expenses. They funded a knee replacement and hip surgery to help her resume back to being the playful pup she had been before.


Image via Dog Tales Rescue on Facebook

Founder Rob Scheinberg told the Toronto Star that currently, the organization is privately funded with projected cost being “north of a million”. “Crazy is good sometimes, if you do it for a great cause.”

We’ll bark to that!


Image via Dog Tales Rescue on Facebook

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Written by: Melina Giakas

October 30, 2014