18 Products For The Lazy Dog That Loves To Nap

Written by: Claire Wolfson

August 8, 2016

If your dog’s favorite pastime is napping this product round up for lazy dogs will make their snooze sessions that much more enjoyable. I mean, can you blame any chill dog who would rather take a cozy place to curl up on and maybe a couple plush squeaker toys to play with in bed over a hike or romp in the dog park? The lazy dog would take a cozy place to curl up on and maybe a couple plush squeaker toys to play with in bed over a hike or romp in the dog park. This collection of cushy dog beds to burrow in and plush hamburgers, pizza and apple pie to munch on will take your lazy dog’s sloth mode to another level.

1. 2 – in – 1 Pet Hut$55

For a lazy dog napping is life and this snuggle hut is everything. This 2-in-1 dog hut & bed combines the comfort of soft bed with the security of a warm den. Made by the folks at Urban Paw, it can be used in two different configurations: expanded to create a soft domed cave bed, or collapsed into a super-comfy lounge.

Pet Hut Dog Bed

2. Plush Watermelon, $11

After slurping down this juicy plush watermelon your lazy dog is going to be tired. Grab a slice and snooze it off!

Watermelon Plush Toy

3. Buffalo Check Lounge Bed$108

With this black Buffalo Check Lounge dog bed, hittin’ the hay has never looked (and felt) better. Ever wondered why your pup is always up on the couch? Because it’s comfy, of course! That’s why the folks at Jax & Bones designed this bed like a sofa, complete with overstuffed cushions and stylish fabric. Let the lounging commence!

Buffalo Plaid Dog Bed

4. Emoji Toy Bundle$30

Snuggling with poop is not for all pups but we’ve got a hunch that the lazy dogs will get a kick out of these emoji squeaker toys. We’ve included our four most-popular emoticon toys for your dog’s delight, making digital dreams come true.

Emoji Dog Dogs

5. Stonewash Blanket$48

With this stonewash dog blanket, nap time has never been comfier. This double-sided blanket is constructed with a super-soft velour on one side and an fabulously-fuzzy fabric on the other side. The lazy pups will love it because it can turn anywhere into a cozy bed or den.

Dog Blanket

6. Andi’s Famous Plush Dumplings$16

Take out in bed?! We can’t think of anything better and neither can your lazy dog! Delivered in a plush, crazy-crinkly carryout carton, this toy will never make it to the fridge, only to your pup’s bed!

Plush Dumpling Toys

7. Striped Dog Teepee$104

Pitch this striped dog tent and give your pup his own little cozy home within your home. Sewn from heavy black & white striped canvas by the folks at Pipolli, setup is a cinch. Place their favorite dog bed inside and leave it to them to set their nap schedule.

Striped Dog Teepee

8. Makin’ Loopie Pie$12

Mmmm first a little apple pie and then some nap time? Sounds like a grand way to spend an afternoon. The folks at Loopies made this squeaky pastry exclusive for Bark & Co, and it’s hot out of the oven and ready to be gobbled up!

Plush Dog Toy

9. Piazza Bed$160

“Piazza” is Italian for a public square, often the center of town. What better way to pamper your puppy than by making him or her the center of attention? Embrace the fact that your lazy dog would rather sleep than play and treat them to this luxe snuggle station.

Chic Dog Bed

10. Pizza Plush$8

Nothing beats a Netflix and Chill sesh with a large pie. Your pooch can bunk up with a slice of this Bark & Co original and squeak himself to sleep.

Plush Pizza Toy

11. Harry Barker Striped Bed Roll$64

Just because your dog is lazy doesn’t mean you can’t take them on adventures. Road trips are the perfect opportunity for daytime naps and this Classic Stripe Dog Bedroll from Harry Barker will cater to just that. Made from a super-durable blend of jute and cotton, and stuffed with eco-friendly fill, this bed is perfect for crates, cars, travel, and even includes a matching strap for carrying and storage.

Harry Barker Dog Bed

12. Buns of Anarchy Cheeseburger$18

Excessive sleeping makes you build up an appetite. Your pup will throughly enjoy chowing down on this Buns of Anarchy burger dog toy. Made by the folks at P.L.A.Y., this soft and squeaky multi-part sandwich is the perfect midnight snack for your lazy dog.

Plush Cheeseburger for Dogs

13. Snuggle Sack$16

If you were a dog, crawling inside this Snuggle Sack would fill you with unbridled joy. Warmth, security, confidence, and relaxation, all contained in this delightful little plush bed from R2P Pet Products. Your dog will sleep in it, nap in it, and even doze in it!

Snuggle Sack

14. Donut Bed$180

The Donut is built for your pup’s comfort and your fashion sense. Say goodbye to the lumpy, eyesore pet beds of yesteryear and hello to this classy, contemporary– and of course comfortable– design. This ain’t no jelly-filled donut either; its innards are high memory polyester fibre and furniture grade foam. This will make your sleepy pup’s extravagant nap schedule and your living room look good.

Big Dog Bed

15. This Means S’more$10

With the This Means S’mores dog toy, you can bring the best part of camping to your couch! A Bark & Co Original, it’s made by sandwiching a thick and fuzzy plush marshmallow-and-chocolate squeaker (all squeaker, no stuffing) between two heavy canvas graham crackers. It’s definitely the chewiest S’more in town, and we didn’t even have to set any marshmallows on fire to make it. Glamp on lazy bones!

S'more Plush Toy

16. Meadow Pet Rug$119

Give your mutt a nest to call her own with this bed from Wildebeest. Your pup will love bedding down on the soft fleece top, and the fabric strips make it perfect for pawing and scratching into shape. Backed with sturdy canvas, it even zips open to fit a padded cushion or pillow for an even comfier nest.

Pet Rug

17. Beer Can Toy$8

Lazy afternoons call for lots of snacks, beers, and naps. This super-tough dog chew toy, shaped like a beer can, is your dog’s next great challenge. Made in Colorado by the folks at Sodapup, the Beer Can Toy is amazingly, hilariously resilient. Your pup can chew on this brew in between slumber.

Toy Dog Toy

18. Gunnar Travel Mat$88

A lazy dog can sleep anywhere and this rugged travel mat from Billy Wolf can help make that happen. The nylon bottom keeps tired dogs dry, while the sturdy canvas lining is more than a match for grit and grime. Designed to go everywhere with you and your pooch, it also creates a comfortable space in your car by tying to the seat back. It rolls and packs easily too!

Travel mat

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Written by: Claire Wolfson

August 8, 2016

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