Stray Pup Lives Every Bookworm’s Dream By Making His Home A Library.

Written by: Claire Beaudreault

May 15, 2015

Shelton the mutt was a homeless pup navigating the streets of Resistencia, Argentina when he endeared himself to some school children and librarians. During the day, Shelton had a safe refuge in the school’s library, but when the day was over, he was back on the street scavenging for food and scrambling for shelter. He had nowhere to go when school let out for summer, and no regular meals.


School librarians notified Zaira Kordi, a volunteer with Responsible Adoptions. Kordi posted some photos of the sweet, friendly dog on Facebook, and his story touched many.

Kordi said:

“Shelton is very special, he is not your regular stray dog. He has a lot of personality and is very gentle and friendly. He adores children and is always looking for a loving human touch. You can tell he is not happy as a stray dog and he is looking for a home of his own where he will be really loved.”


Shelton had many adoption inquiries but found a home with the Zago family, who will give the once homeless pup a roof, human siblings, a big yard to run and play in, and lots of ruv. Kordi hopes that Shelton’s story will inspire other humans to adopt stray dogs and give them loving and stable homes.



h/t Life With Dogs
Featured image via Zaira Kordi

Written by: Claire Beaudreault

May 15, 2015