Meet Lieutenant Dan: The Partially Paralyzed Pibble Puppy Who Will Steal Your Heart

This is Lt. Dan:

Lt Dan Pit Bull Puppy Sleeping

Lt. Dan is a two-month-old Pit Bull puppy and overall delicious slice of pupperoni. He was born with a condition called Hindlimb Paraparesis, which only allows him the smallest amount of control over his hind legs. He is currently receiving care from Bialy’s Wellness Foundation, which is a foundation specifically dedicated to helping dogs with special needs.


Although Lt. Dan has a bit of testing and possible surgery in his future, his condition hasn’t stopped him from being as energetic and happy as any pup could be! See proof below:

He loves his big foster brother, Josh the Pit Bull.

Lt Down and Josh the Pit Bull Kissing

Lt Dan and Josh the Pit Bull Cuddling

He’s always down to play.

He’s got friends in high places. (That’s Fifty the Two-Legged Pit Bull and his foster sister, Jane!)

Lt Dan and Fifty the Pit Bull and Jane

He’s very easy to cuddle with.

And he couldn’t be more full of energy! Go Lt. Dan, go!

Make sure to follow both Lt. Dan and Josh the Pit Bull on Facebook for their continued adventures together. And if you can, consider donating to Bialy’s Wellness Foundation to help other special needs dogs like them.

Featured image via Lt. Dan

Jonathan Graziano

6 years ago