UPDATE: Shelter Pup Hugs Friend And Ends Up Saving Their Lives

Update 10/27/2015 The latest chapter in the story of Kala and Keira is a joyous one! The pups who made headlines when their bittersweet hug photo went viral back in June have been adopted by a pair of best friends in Atlanta. kala-keira-friends The Hound and the Boxer mix and happily adjusting to their new life with humans Wendy and Pam. Wendy recently lost her two elderly dogs, so K&K were a perfect fit. kala-keira-dogs Here's to many happy years together! kala-keira-happy
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Update 7/30/2015 Kala and Keira are facing yet another tragic challenge. Sadly, these two pups have been diagnosed with parvovirus. Though parvo has a high fatality rate, Angels Among Us---the pet rescue that catapulted Kala and Keira to renown---claims to have a 95% success rate in treating parvo. save According to WSB-TV 2 Atlanta, the pups can expect to be in treatment for two to four days before the effectiveness of the treatment can be determined. We've got our paws crossed. These pups have been saved once, so we trust their survivor spirit to guide them through the healing process! You can contribute to the cost of Kala and Keira's treatment here. Update 7/29/2015 We recently learned from that Kala and Keira are still up for adoption. Don't worry. There's no threat that they'll return to a shelter. But the gentleman in the photo of Kara and Keira below turns out to be a foster, so Kara and Keira still need their furever home. You can look at Kala's profile on Petfinder here, or visit Angels Among Us Pet Rescue adoption page to fill out an adoption form online. With your support, we know these pups will have the furever home they deserve! Enjoy the video of their story below.

  ***Original Story*** Kala and Keira were scheduled to be euthanized when Angels Among Us Pet Rescue posted this photo to their Facebook page: hug1 The caption to the image read: "If no one saves us, someone will take her away from me." [bp_related_article] Not surprisingly, this heart-wrenching image brought out the best in one local Atlanta resident, who arrived not two hours after the picture went up to adopt the darling doggies.

THEY ARE SAFE!!! There are no words to tell you how happy we are that these two best friends are safe and together! ...

Posted by Angels Among Us Pet Rescue on Monday, July 20, 2015
High paws all around! And congrats to Kala and Keira!
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