Pittie Mix Ignores Own Pain To Save Veteran’s Life, Wins Neighbors’ Hearts

"My dog saved my life." It's a common sentiment shared by many dog owners, and this couldn't be more true for Tennessee resident Billy Collins. When the Vietnam veteran suffered a nasty fall that left him bleeding and unconscious on his kitchen floor, it was his disabled 10-year-old dog who came to the rescue. Chance Chance, the Pit Bull/Boxer mix, managed to open the home's screen door using his paw to get outside. "He hits it with his paw," Collins explained. "I taught him how to do that." Then Chance, who suffers from hip dysplasia, somehow got over the property's chain link fence in order to run for help. chance_fence He arrived at a neighbor's house with blood on his nose and paws, which they believe show that Chance had tried to coax Collins off the floor. They had once been afraid of the large dog, but Chance's actions have transformed their perception of him. Collins believes he would have died if his loyal dog hadn't been right by his side. High Paws, Chance!
h/t to Inquisitr

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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