14 Dogs Who Thought Your Birchbox Was Their BarkBox

Written by: Nicole Zalat

October 16, 2014

Dogs can get into messy situations, with some pretty humorous results. There’s even an entire movement dedicated to showing the world just how much trouble our beloved pups can get into.

So when pups decide to have some fun with our beauty pawducts, well…

1. “It’s so hard to find that perfect red, you know?”

copy 1

2. “If you’ve got fair skin, start off slow and build up the color.”

copy 2


copy 3

4. “I was doing you a favor. That foundation was not the right shade for you.”

copy 4

5. “You say ‘naughty’ when you know you mean ‘fabulous’.”

copy 5

6. “I know they say you shouldn’t pair a bold lip with a bold eye but Huskies don’t follow rules.”

copy 6

7. “Oh sure, blame the one who can’t defend himself.”

copy 7

8. “Ugh. It looks different on my face than it did on my wrist.”

copy 8

9. “I thought this was a tester.”

copy 9

10. “Contouring is super hard. Like, I just can’t even deal right now.”

copy 10

11. “You know it looks better on me than it does on you.”

copy 11

12. “What do you think? This, or Barbie pink?”

copy 12

13. “Well how else can I get these open with no thumbs?”

copy 13

14. “Come over here and give me a kiss!”

copy 14

Featured image via Cleveland Seniors

Written by: Nicole Zalat

October 16, 2014