Dog Family Reunions Are A Thing And They’re Adorable

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

June 12, 2015

Let’s be honest here, human family reunions can be weird. Yes, there are some people that you know, but there are also some people that you probably don’t like. Then there are the people who walk up to you and pinch your cheeks. For reals, they don’t get the concept of personal space.

Puppy reunions, however, are an absolute cutefest that we can’t get enough of!

We’ve rounded up some great videos of littermates reuniting after years apart.

These Goldens are having the best pool party in the history of life.

The dramatic soundtrack of this Border Collie reunion video makes their mega play session epic.

Ok, these guys must have had some major fallout as puppies. They so aren’t into reuniting. We all have that one family member, right?

These pups haven’t been apart for long, but they sure are happy to see each other!

When this brother and sister get together, it’s like the cutest episode of Wrestlemania you’ve ever seen.


There’s only one thing to do when you encounter your twinsie: Smell their butt.

The pool appears to be “base” for this game of tag.

Some happiness simply cannot be contained.

These pugs are ready for a grumble! (Get it? Get it?)

When you see these two guys try to “hug,” you won’t be able to contain your joy.

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Featured image via @momohana20 .
h/t CBS.

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

June 12, 2015