Mom Surprised Boy With His Lost Dog And Recorded The Entire Teary Reunion

We at BarkPost love to share pupwarming stories, and amazing reunions between dog and parent never fail to make us shed a tear (read: bawl at our desks). [bp_related_article] A month ago, a young boy's puppy, Kase, went missing. After weeks of desperate searching, the devastated boy feared his friend was lost forever. But as luck would have it, a neighbor had found Kase, safe and sound. After collecting Kase from the neighbor's house, the boy's mother filmed the heartwarming reunion between the dog and his tiny human BFF.
Just wanted to share some good news! My sons puppy went missing about a month ago and we just found him. This is the video of my son reuniting with his baby Kase!* he was found right down the street from our house. A nice family had taken him in and kept him warm and fed! Posted by Paula Williams on Friday, January 8, 2016

Katie Kirnan

6 years ago

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