Little Girl With Cystic Fibrosis May Lose Her BFF Simply Because He’s A Pit Bull

Written by: Regina Lizik

January 14, 2016

Little Aleeah has cystic fibrosis, a disease that causes a thick buildup of mucus in the lungs and other organs. In the lungs, the mucus can block a person’s airways. At times, this can make breathing nearly impossible. To combat this, Aleeah undergoes daily breathing treatments to help her body get the oxygen it needs.

CF pit bull

These breathing treatments can be scary for someone as young as Aleeah. And, truly, no matter your age, cystic fibrosis not only has a physical impact on one’s life, it has an emotional one, as well. Aleeah has had someone to help her cope with her disease – her pet dog, Scrappy.

Scrappy has been a tremendous support to her. He’s by her side when she undergoes her breathing treatments.

A representative from Darwin Dogs told us:

Scrappy sits right by Aleeah the entire time she endures her 15-minute long therapy, 2x a day. Therapy involves a vest attached to a machine that literally shakes her a dry martini for the duration, with the goal to loosen up the nodules in her lungs. Scrappy stays by her, and Aleeah sings “The Scrappy Song” over and over to him.

Tragically, she lives in Lakewood, Ohio, a town that has breed specific legislation (BSL). BSL typically targets dogs that fall under the Pit Bull category, and Scrappy is a Pit mix. Someone reported this sweet pup to animal control and now, the city may take Scrappy away from his best friend.

scrappy and aleeah

This law applies to all Pit Bull type breeds, regardless of whether or not they have an aggressive history. While Pit Bulls have been involved in several dog attacks, they are not the breed most likely to bite. According to statistics, Dachshunds hold that title. Additionally, the American Temperament Testing Society ranked Bully breeds as number 3 on their list of most tolerant dogs.

Scrappy will remain with Aleeah until the city receives the results of a DNA test. If Scrappy’s results come back stating that he is more than 50% Pit Bull, he will be removed from his loving home.

Aleeah’s family and friends are taking to social media to end the Lakewood, Ohio’s Pittie ban and keep Scrappy at home to his best friend. They are encouraging people to contact the city’s government about the issue.

We hope these efforts pay off and that Lakewood will join other Ohio cities in striking down breed specific legislation.

Feature image via Darwin Dogs/Facebook.

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Written by: Regina Lizik

January 14, 2016

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