Little “Gremlin” Dog Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen, But You’ll Love Him Instantly

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 20, 2015

It’s not often we have the pleasure of learning about truly odd and one-of-a-kind dogs like Loki, who looks like something out of Frankenstein’s castle (only more adorable), but we sure love it when we do.

frankenstein pup

When Fur-Ever Home Rescue discovered this little fuzz at a shelter in Texas and heard of his severe and numerous health issues, they drove down from Minnesota themselves to pick him up. Being the exuberant little dog that he is, Loki would get excited with every new person he met (another friend!) and have difficulty breathing. The rescue described him in extreme detail in one of their Facebook posts:

[Loki] has an airway the size of a straw, concave chest, deviated septum, enlarged heart that leans on one of his lungs & slight deformities on all 4 legs but he is the happiest little dude ever.

When Loki completed his veterinary evaluation, doctors decided to perform a laryngeal tieback surgery to keep his airways open. Though he will be at a higher risk for pneumonia (since the airway will no longer close), Loki’s quality of life will significantly improve.

loki running

Oh, and I almost forgot: before being rescued, he arrived at the shelter in Texas with a snake bite to his face, but didn’t give it a second thought. It seems as though this little 30-pound “warthog” of a pup refuses to let his issues affect him – and with a cute face like that, why would he?

cute face

Loki has since had additional surgery to straighten out his legs and has put on a few much-needed pounds. It is certainly a testament to his bubbly personality that Loki’s vet bill – about $2,500 – was covered completely by donations from his loyal fanbase.


After the roller coaster ride that was Loki’s life during his recovery, Fur-Ever Home Rescue had this to say:

Loki came to us from a shelter with a long list of congenital deformities due to what is believed to be a breeding experiment gone wrong. Cases like Loki’s are what we love. Cases that stump experienced vets, take their breath away and force us to look outside the box to do what is best for the animal. We spent thousands of dollars on Loki’s care & he now breathes better because if it.

How great it is to know that people like this still exist to help animals? “We understand that harder cases take longer to get to a point where the animal is ‘adoptable’,” the statement continued, “and we are a smaller rescue because of that. We focus on quality care over quantity.” Loki is one lucky guy to have fallen into such generous hands, but he’s got even more to be thankful for now.

loki before and after

Two volunteers graciously drove nine hours to deliver Loki to his adoptive family – a family that is so perfect for him that the rescue altered their “no out-of-state” policy just to give him the best chance at happiness.

And hey, I’d say he’s pretty grateful.

loki adopted

If you would like to donate to Fur-Ever Home Rescue to help other dogs and cats in need, please visit their website’s donation page. And don’t forget to follow Loki’s continued adventures on Facebook!

Featured Image via Fur-Ever Home Rescue

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 20, 2015

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