Dog Finds Her Way Home After Seven Years Thanks To Craigslist

Written by: People Pets

June 5, 2015

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You’re going to need a few tissues (translation: an entire box) for this one.

A Boston Terrier named Lola is back home with her Homestead, Florida, family seven years after digging a hole under a fence and disappearing, reports CBS Miami.


The reunion came after Linda Gall, an animal advocate and former veterinary technician, answered an ad on Craigslist: Someone was giving Lola away.

Gall took the dog to a vet, who discovered Lola had a microchip.


That’s when Gall got in touch with Lola’s original owners, Julie Arango and her daughter Celina Papas.


“She was adamant,” Arango says. “She goes, ‘No. You’re Julie. And you had a Boston terrier, and her name was Lola. I was like, ‘That was so many years …’ She goes, ‘I have your dog.’ I go, ‘No.’ I had goosebumps all over.”

Watch the love below.

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Featured image via CBS Miami

Written by: People Pets

June 5, 2015