Staffy Waiting Alone On A London Bus Is Thrilled To See His Family Again

Written by: Regina Lizik

April 29, 2016

**Update May 3, 2016**

The formerly nicknamed “Bus-ter,” who somehow ended up alone on a London bus, has been reunited with his family.

Owner Paulina Rybak had taken the dog (actually named Boston) out for a walk when she lost sight of him for a few seconds. “We started looking for him but couldn’t find him,” she told the Evening Standard.


Rybak’s veterinarian suggested she call Newham Council, where Boston was eventually taken after some very kind workers at the bus company looked after him and “gave him hugs throughout the night,” but she spotted his photo online before they could call back.

“I was so happy I started crying. I thought we would never see him again,” she said. “[H]e is part of our family. My children were very sad. My boy was crying and my daughter was as well. Now they are very happy and are with him now.”


Amos Paul Mak, who found the pup on his bus, says he remembers two men walking on with him. Rybak fears he was stolen and then abandoned. Whatever the circumstances that brought Boston to the bus and back to his family, we are incredibly grateful for everyone’s patience and kindness.


Last night, a bus driver in London named Amos Paul Mak found a Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix sitting on his bus. He has no idea how the pup got there, but he does know that the dog was determined to stay there.

dog left on bus

Amos, who was not allowed to take the dog home with him due to company regulations, told the Evening Standard:

[I] tried to move it onto another bus, as the one it’s on is needed in service, [but] he won’t budge.

The dog’s refusal to move leaves us wondering if that bus was the last spot he saw his owner – the person he undoubtedly loves most in this world.

buster on bus

Amos wasn’t the only one touched by this sweet pup. Fellow worker Rik Hatton, who helped care for the dog during the night, had this to say:

“When I arrived around 6.30am he’d been there all night. Very scared, but not aggressive. I gave him food, water and my bodywarmer. I nicknamed him Bus-ter.

All reports say that “Buster,” who is now with animal welfare workers, is very sweet and also well-cared for. This may indicate the dog is simply lost rather than abandoned. Welfare workers ask that anyone with information on Buster contact them at 020 8586 9739.

We hope Buster finds his way home very soon.

h/t Evening Standard

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Written by: Regina Lizik

April 29, 2016

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