9 Things Dogs Just Taught Us About Science And Love

At BarkPost Discover our job is to showcase the wonderous interactions between science and dogs. This week at BarkPost Discover we were treated to all sorts of wonderful news about technology that helps dogs and new ways to better love our pups! (It is Valentine's Day after all!) Just in case you missed any of the pawesome action, scroll below for a quick catch-up! 1. There's a really good reason to not feed your dog from the table. People food is bad for a number of reasons, but this one seems particularly unpleasant. alishaawes0me 2. There are at least 5 reasons your dog shakes that have nothing to with being wet! We know you've seen your dog do and this and say to yourself, "Whaaaaaaaaat?" shake 3. How you hold your leash could save your butt. It's winter, folks, and ice is slippery. But your dog will still chase the nearest squirrel... walk 4. We tried this new app that says it can name your dog's breed, and here's what happened. pug 5. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks! trick 6. A new method of administering MRIs to dogs will keep them safer, happier, and better at their jobs. And whats good for dogs is always good for us! awake AND IN HONOR OF THE PAWLIDAY! 7. There are 5 pretty sweet ways to show your love to your pup this Valentine's Day! kat_rentsch 8. The most important heart on Valentine's Day is your dog's healthy heart. guardiansbest 9. And to keep that heart healthy they should avoid these common Valentine treats. tonya100
Featured image via @rosienfriends

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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