Perfect Products For Low Maintenance Pup Parents

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

July 1, 2015

Low maintenance dog moms are no nonsense kinds of gals. You won’t find lipstick and perfume in their practical, off-brand purses. Nope, their bags are stuffed with dog treats and extra poop bags. The path to a low maintenance dog mom’s heart isn’t forged with frilly dog dresses and cutesy picture frames. They need products with substance and function like the ones below.

1. Poo Bag Holders, $9.99

Don’t let the adorableness of these keychains mislead you. They are a low maintenance dog mom’s dream. Hook one to your keys or leash to make sure you’re ready when poop happens. The nose even lights up for those late night emergency outings. Available in five fun colors!

Poop bag holder

2. Leash/Treat Holder, $24.99

The perfect mix of form and function. Upcycled wood, a mason jar to store after-potty treats, a place for leashes and keys, plus a handy chalkboard for notes.

leash holder

3. DIY Dog Bed/End Table, Cost Will Vary

What could be lower maintenance than a multi-functional DIY project? You get a rad end table for your apartment and your dog gets his own custom hideaway.

dog bed end table

4. Interactive Toy, $14.99

No frou frou toys for your pooch. You know the importance of keeping your dog’s brain sharp. Treat dispensing toys designed by Nina Ottosson encourage dogs to work for their snack and allow you to up the difficulty as they learn. Plus, they’re a great way to keep a bored dog occupied.

dog twister

5. DIY Food Furniture, Cost Will Vary

Instead of clunky dog bowls that are always getting kicked over, low maintenance gals will love this multi-purpose food storage and dining unit. The upper drawers can hold treats, meds, toys, or whatever your pooch needs. Find one online or check out dozens of DIY ideas on Pinterest.

food furniture

6. Freedom No Pull Harness, $28.75 – $32.75

No nonsense gals rejoyce! The Freedom harness puts an end to annoying leash pulling with style and comfort. Lined in velvet, the harness tightens around the chest, not the neck, reminding your dog not to pull on walks. It evens comes with a lifetime chew warranty.


7. Memory Foam Dog Bed, $219-$350

Low maintenance moms always put their dogs’ comfort before style. Luckily, this dog bed gives you both! The Deep Dish Dog Bed With Memory Foam by Orvis offers firm support for sore muscles and joints while helping to maintain optimum body temperature.

dog bed

8. Dog Proof Bedding, $39 – $225

Also by Orvis, the Reversible Dog Proof Coverlet and Sham Set is perfect for girls who prefer to share their own bed with their best friends. The material is designed to stay in place to protect your sheets from hair and dirt when you and your pooch are snuggling.

dog proof bedding

9. Recycled Plastic Bottle Collar, $23 – $27

Instead of over-the-top glitter and appliqued leash and collar sets, try a stylish, eco-friendly set from Cycle Dog. This one is made from post consumer recycled plastic bottles and has a metal airline closure that’s 400% stronger than plastic buckles. Cycle Dog specializes in recycling bicycle inner tubes into awesomely functional products for dogs.

EcoWeave-FattyWidth Collar Metal-Purple Blue SpaceDots

10. Airline Approved Carrier Bag, $94.99

Just because you’re a lady with a small dog doesn’t mean you have to be a diva. Pup Totes has tons of stylish, go-with-anything carry bags that are airline approved, comfortable and safe for your little buddy.


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Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

July 1, 2015

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