Another Adorable Reason We All Wish We Were Jennifer Lawrence’s Best Friend

Jennifer Lawrence has always seemed like she'd be pretty fun to have as a best friend. It turns out that not only does her bestie Laura get to enjoy some cool celebrity perks, Jennifer also just bought her a French Bulldog puppy, and you will not believe how adorable it is! Jennifer bought the super cute pup, who has since been named Frankenstein, from a breeder in California. 10724724_651780284937104_1978476750_n
Image via @frankenstein_farts
She then brought her own dog, Pippi, for a puppy play date to introduce the new little guy to Laura! rs_560x386-141017145724-1024.2..Jennifer-Lawrence-Puppy.jl.101714
Image via E! Online
It seems to have been love at first sight for Laura and Frankenstein 10623679_1486122108327453_777358040_n
Image via @lauragram
  Definitely adding "become BFFs with Jennifer Lawrence" to the To-Do List, because this is just too cute for words. 1388806_1541648072734341_1005919051_n
Image via @frankenstein_farts
  Laura has since started an Instagram for her new little Frankenstein, you can check him out at @frankenstein_farts. Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 8.26.06 PM
Image via @frankenstein_farts
Although IF Jennifer was our best friend we probably would've suggested she use BarkBuddy to find an adorable, adoptable pet nearby, and give a pup in need a good home!  
h/t to E! Online
Featured Image via Zap2it and @frankenstein_farts

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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