From Shelter To Sky: Lucy The Pointer Flies To Her Forever Home

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

January 3, 2016

Steve and Pam Rhode LOVE dogs. They’ve got three fuzzy stumpers at home, and know all too well the joys of rescue work and what it means to introduce a homeless dog into the arms of their new family.

[bp_related_article] began in 2015 and has since taxied several pups from point A to B—whether their final destination be an adoptive home, a veterinary hospital, a no-kill shelter, or a service dog training center, these dogs are off to better days with the help of their pilot (Steve) and resident backseat cuddler.


Lucy Loo’s story started out with much uncertainty; she is an infamous escape artist, and after the second time popping up in the local kill shelter, the Rusty’s Legacy Animal Shelter took her in. Unfortunately, they only had space for Lucy outdoors, where her Houdini skills were quite unwelcome.


Rusty’s Legacy attempted to transfer Lucy to a breed-specific shelter, but she was deemed a mixed-breed and denied. Poor pup can’t catch a break!

Finally, news reached the American Pointer Rescue, and foster Anne Palyok immediately brought Lucy into her South Carolina home. She settled right in to the indoor life, and there was no need to escape paradise.

Two months later, a woman in Delaware reached out to adopt the little Pointer, and that was that! Steve and volunteer Phillip hopped on the 974 Cessna 182 and—after a quick pee break for Lucy—took to the skies.


This flight was tricky—constant wind gusts and turbulence made for a restless journey and a difficult landing, but Lucy took it all in stride. Beginning in Erwin, North Carolina where Lucy boarded, the trio then flew two hours to Georgetown, DE to meet with Lucy’s new mom, Kim. The two hit it off instantly!

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.08.29 AM

Lucy has since been living the good life with her very own canine buddy and a great family. Kim told

Lucy is phenomenal. We’re in love! She has made herself completely at home here with my furmily. […] She’s proven herself to be quite the lap dog and she likes to sleep underneath the covers snuggled as close as possible to me. She plays constantly if she had her way we would play fetch 24/7. I’m absolutely thrilled with her and would recommend American Pointer Rescue and for anyone considering adoption.

lucy and sibling

Enjoy your new home, Lucy! And four paws up to for making her dreams of a forever family a reality.

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

January 3, 2016

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