Your Pup Can Unwind In The Lap Of Luxury At These Glamorous Dog Spas

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

March 19, 2014

It’s good to relax. And when pampered pups need a break from their hectic schedules of eating, sleeping and playing they head to the spa. But not just any spas–the most luxurious have amenities even their humans would enjoy. Here’s a few we wouldn’t mind crashing!

D Pet Hotels in New York City is a 10,000 square foot luxury pet resort and spa. Any pups that need a lift can get chauffeured service straight to the front door in a Lamborghini (or Ferrari or Rolls Royce or Bentley…)


They offer 3 indoor dog parks, a boutique and on-call vet. But more importantly, the lobby has doggy treats!


Pampered pooches can chill out to relaxing tunes, massages, baths, teeth cleaning, thermal wraps and pawdicures. Oh, and for the devastatingly handsome (see below), you can also schedule a photo session.


For pups that want to stay as sleek as a two-year-old, there are custom canine treadmills, personal trainers and agility equipment just waiting to be used.


After a full day of beautifying and toning, overnight guests can stay in furnished suites with flat screen TV’s.


D Pet Hotels also has locations in Los Angeles and Scottsdale, Arizona. Some of the their largest suites are bigger than most NYC city apartments. Not exactly ruff!


Out on the west coast, Beverly Hills’s Pussy and Pooch Spa features a wellness spa and pet stylists that offer full-service grooming and bathing.


At the Pawbar and Meat Markets, pooches can indulge in stews, raw meats, frozen treats, organic dishes and pet supplements. Psst…there’s even some doggie beer (grab your fake doggie ID)!


And when your humans come to pick you up, just pretend you missed them.


Back in New York at the Fetch Club, luxe amenities abound for private members.


That means getting your sweat pant on with personal canine trainers, canine weights and doggy treadmills with flatscreens.


In the 3000-square-foot park, members and their humans can play and socialize. The grass might be faux but the fun is real.


A high end restaurant serves food catered to the dietary needs of each pup. There’s even a theater where pups can escape the city outside with a doggie-themed film. Benji anyone?


Happy spa day!

Featured image via Dealbreaker

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

March 19, 2014