14 Hilarious Dog Photos That Creepily Look Like Something Else

Wait, wait... WHAT is going on here? Grab your reading glasses. Or 3D glasses. Or whatever you gotta grab to figure out these reality-bending pics! 1. Did I just bear witness to the fabled flight of the majestic bird dog? dogbird-optical-illusion-580x419 2. Is this pup binging on Netflix in comfortable loungewear (aka best Friday night plans ever)? dogwatchtv 3. How does this dog find the time to be a fishing champion AND work as a hair model? finshingdog 4. And this is....a fluffy dog taking a nap, obviously. Get your mind out of the, gutter! furry-penis-dog-feature 5. Is this dog impawtiently waiting for the bus? dogbus 6. What have we here? A zenned-out Justin Bieber? dogjustinbieber 7. That dog is not about to take that other dog for a walk. Is it? dogwalkdog 8. Ok, this pup clearly has special powers. Expecting a reality show imminently. flashlightdog 9. Excuse me, but did my morning commute just get a million times more charming because you are on the way to an impawtant board meeting or something? dogridetrain 10. Hold it, hold it...Is this pup navigating the most glorious road trip the world has ever known? SHOTGUN! truckdog 11. Wait, is this an epic yawn, right? Nothing nefarious happening here... yawndog 12. Beards are usually in style for female hoomans, but go ahead, lady. You do you. dog-beard-2 13. Praise Dog... walkonwaterdog 14. I don't words. doglookslikepenis
Featured image via Promarket

Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago

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