Concise Anatomy Of A Corgi Reveals They Are Made Out Of Fun

Gather ’round hoomans and little nuggets, it’s time to learn about what makes the Corgi a magical pup!


Fun Detection Organs: These nifty organs possess supercanine hearing and has its own food sonar. They can pick up even the faintest sound of cheese being unwrapped from across great distances, so eat with caution if there is a corgi in the nearby vicinity.

Corgi Ears

Rump: A corgi’s rump is among the most glorious and mysterious of the Canine Folk. It is especially known for its sass, earning the alternative term of Sass Quadrant. Approach with caution, the sass can get overwhelming.

Corgi Sass Quadrant

Kibble Reception: Designed specifically for ample kibble intake, we strongly warn against feeding your corgi anything but delicious kibble.

Corgi Cabbage

Proud Tuft: A corgi’s Proud Tuft is made from the fluff of woodland fairies, contains actual cloud and possesses magical powers. It is said if you rub your face in it, you will attain eternal youth and happiness. Remember to clean your corgi’s Proud Tuft accordingly for maximum effect.

Corgi Tuft

Stumpers: These are what made corgis the preferred mount for fairy warriors in Scotland back in the day. They may be small in size, but these Stumpers stump with impressive speed ideal for fairy combat.

Corgi Stampede

We hope you enjoyed this educational post about the anatomy of a Corgi. For more Corgi cuteness, be sure to check out Otis: Corgi King Of Da Internet.

Featured image via Stubbie The Corgi


8 years ago