19 Major Relationship Milestones You Reach When Your Dog Is Your Significant Other

Written by: Nicole Zalat

February 14, 2016

Everyone dreams of finding true love with someone who will never break their heart or treat them badly. Someone who will always be there during the good times and bad, through sickness and through health, until death separates you.

Basically, everyone wants a dog as a soulmate.

All relationships go through the honeymoon stage — the beginning when everything is rosy and you actually leave the room to pass gas discretely lest your love gets a whiff of your toxic fumes. But with time the newness fades, and that’s no different when your dog is your significant other. Here are 19 huge milestones you leap over with your pup during the course of your relationship.

1. When you go on your first road trip together.


2. Your first Halloween going as a couple.



3. When you add them as a life event on Facebook.

jonathan noodle fb life event

4. When there are more pictures of them saved on your phone than there are of anyone else.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 8.14.33 AM

5. When your phone recognizes their name and no longer tries to change it with autocorrect.

autocorrect name

6. When you post your first selfie together on Instagram.


7. The first time you go away without them and spend the entire time Skyping them.


8. When you give them a million nicknames because different situations call for different nicknames.


9. The first time you go out in matching outfits.

matching dog

10. When you leave the bathroom door open for the first time and they watch you poop.


11. When you stop saying “I” and say “we” instead.


12. When you fart freely in front of each other.


13. The first time they sleep in your bed and save you from a nightmare in the middle of the night.


14. The first time they run into your arms because they’re happy to see you.

corgi running

15. When you figure out the perfect cuddling position.

butt_to_butt copy

16. The first time you share ice cream instead of getting one for each of you.

boxer ice cream

17. When you book your first couple’s photoshoot together.

jonathan noodle fb life event

18. You bring them to an event as your “Plus One”.

Casual Bandana

19. When you make a Facebook page for your dog and ask all your friends to like it.

chloe kardoggian

What other relationship milestones have you and your pup reached? Tell us in the comments below!

Featured image via someecards

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Written by: Nicole Zalat

February 14, 2016

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