Make Playtime Last Longer With These 3 Tasty Play Hacks

Introducing Super Chewer Play Hacks:

A series where we show you how to take your toys to a whole other level and challenge your dog in new, exciting ways. You can sign up here to get two multi-functional toys, two bags of healthy treats, and two meaty chews delivered to your door each month. Learn how to make your dog’s toys more engaging with our play hacks below!

Please note that every dog is different and that you know your dog better than we do! The great thing about play hacks is that you can tailor each hack to what your dog likes. If a play hack calls for peanut butter but your dog isn’t a fan, try canned pumpkin (not pie-filling) or another favorite instead! Also, if a play hack recipe calls for an ingredient that your pup hasn’t had before (such as plain greek yogurt), try letting them taste just a little bit first before giving them a toy that’s filled with it! The last thing we want is an upset tummy. <3

1. Chew + Peanut Butter

For this play hack, we used the Meteor toy from our Hyper Space box!


  • Smother peanut butter in the cavities on each side
  • Slide a chew through the top and another through the side
  • Cut off external parts of the chew if needed
  • Enjoy!

*Tip: You can also freeze overnight to make this more challenging.

This play hack can also be used with a Megalast Ball or anything similar!

2. Blueberries + Treats + Water

For this play hack, we used the Vortex toy from our Hyper Space box!


  • Put water, some blueberries, and few of your dog’s favorite treats in a freezable cup
  • Stick the ball inside the cup
  • Freeze overnight and enjoy!

*Tip: In case this frozen treat can't be enjoyed outdoors, serve this to your dog in a bowl or a dish!

This play hack can also be used with a Frisco Rope toy or anything similar!

3. Low-Sodium Broth

For this play hack, we used the Planet X toy from our Hyper Space box!


  • In a bowl, roll this ball around in low-sodium broth (beef or chicken -- whichever your dog prefers!)
  • Place onto a plate and freeze overnight
  • Enjoy!

This play hack can also be used with a Chuck It! ball or anything similar!

Always remember - it takes two to chew! Be sure to supervise your dog while they're engaging with any toy or play hack!

Which play hack do you think your dog would like the best? 
Do you have a play hack of your own? We'd love to see it! Share it with us by tagging us in your post with #superchewerplayhacks

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Dr. Katy Nelson

2 years ago

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