This Beagle Mama-To-Be Has A Glorious Glow Even When Her Nap Is Disturbed

Plump round-bellied Beagle Stella Artois is an excited puppy mom-to-be with a husband, Jack Daniels, and what seems like a pretty glamorous life. The Beagle duo's humans, Carlos Eduardo Pierri and Kissy Menezes, even run a photography site to showcase all the cuteness. [bp_related_article] As you can see, Carlos and Kissy clearly wanted to remember this magical time in Stella's life, so they captured these fantastic pictures that show her at rest, at play, at rest, and also, at rest. But in the lazy doggie's defense, she looks fantastic even when she's coming out of a nap. 1. "Nap time is whenever I say it is." Stella 2. "Give me a treat or I will deploy my ninja skills." Stella 3. "This is my impression of a turtle." Stella 4. "Can someone hit the snooze button?" Stella 5. "You know I love you, but I swear you taste like yummy bacon!" -Jack Daniels Stella 6. "Now that I'm rested, I could go for a dance." Stella Stella and her belly are pretty great, but so are so many of the adoptable pups waiting for a warm lap! If you're looking for a fluffy single near you don't wait to download the BarkBuddy app and start searching! We promise, they can't post any misleading dating photos. And for an extra special Beagle looking for a home, the ex-lab dogs over at the Beagle Freedom Project would very much like your kisses. Mwah!

Feature Image: Premium Fotografia

H/t Stella Artois/Premium Fotografia/Facebook

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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