Photogenic Mama Who Rocked Her Maternity Shoot Does It Again With Puppies

We recently brought you a photo shoot of a dog named Lilica, a cutie who proudly bared her big baby bump to the world. Well, just one day after this photo shoot she gave birth to a litter of puppies, and now Ana Paula Grillo with Anna Fotografia has captured some more breathtaking moments with Lilica and the rest of her canine family. All five of her puppies have homes lined up, but who can resist how cute they look? 1. "Here they are!" Lilica 2. "I love being a mother." Lilica 3. Basket full of cuteness. Basket of Lilica puppies 4. "I think it is nap time now." Lilica puppy 5. "I found my perfect snuggle buddy." Lilica puppies   6. "Is that food I smell?" Lilica puppies   7. He looks cute as a button while he sleeps. Lilica puppy 8. "Eat up kiddies, you must grow big and stong." Lilica and puppies 9. "Where do you think you are going little one?" Lilica and puppies 10. "I will always watch over you my children." Lilica and puppies

Feature Image & H/T: Ana Paula Grillo/Anna Fotografia/ Facebook

Michella Ventres

6 years ago

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