Man Gets Scruffy Surprise When His Puppies Grow Up Into Bears

Written by: Brandon Rhoads

July 9, 2015

Wang Kayui of China thought he was going to raise his adorable little puppies into healthy adult cuddle bugs. But when they got unusually large and started to eat his chickens, he began to suspect something was wrong.


We suppose we can see how he mistook these bear cubs for pups. They’re aderpable, fuzz-butt-ish, and super cute. However, these descriptions don’t always apply to adult bears. Which is what Wang’s “dogs” quickly became.


Wang bought the “puppies” from a banana farmer in Vietnam while there on business. Not until the government distributed a pamphlet in Wang’s town about endangered local species did Wang successfully identify his dogs as bears.


They are Asian Black Bears, to be precise. Wang reported them to the appropriate government agency as he realized the unintended threat they may pose to his neighbors and their animals.


After contacting the Forest Public Security Bureau, the bears were re-homed with the Yunnan Wild Animal Rescue Centre and are in good care according to a spokesperson from the rescue.

And here’s a gratuitous video of bears being bears. Just because. You’re welcome.

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Featured image via Daily Mail

Written by: Brandon Rhoads

July 9, 2015