Man Carries Newly Adopted Pup Like Royalty, Because That’s Just The Kind Of Dog Dad He Is

Most dogs are so excited to leave a shelter that they act like they are heading toward the biggest biscuit in the world, but this pocket-sized Pit Bull was a little scared and confused. So what did her new human do? He carried her out of the shelter like she was a queen and he was her mere servant - because that's just the kind of dog dad he is. But let's back up a bit and tell you more about Rosita. She's a 2 year old Pit Bull, who came to Carson Animal Shelter after her previous owner was 80 years old and could not care for her. In the video below, you can see how shut down and completely confused she was about her new life as a shelter dog.
Rosita also has a hearing problem, which made this transition all of the more terrifying. However, this docile pup didn't take long before she was saved from the shelter. Her new dad was super understanding about how nervous this sweet girl was, so he carried her out of the shelter, rather than make her walk.
Her tiny paws never got the chance to hit the ground! You can tell that this little pup is scared and has no idea she's going to her forever home, but you can also tell from the fact that her new human is treating her like royalty, it won't be long before she's well-adjusted and happy. [bp_related_article]

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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