Man Who Drowned In Creek May Have Died Trying To Rescue His Dog

Alexander Ross may have died trying to save his dog. Or his dog might have leapt into Philadelphia’s Pennypack Creek coming in after his person.

The sad facts, as they’re now known, are that Ross drowned in the rough creek — his body discovered by on Monday morning by some people out fishing on the holiday — and that Ross’ wife then found the dog, waiting by the car.

“The dog was wet,” Philadelphia Police Lieutenant Dennis Rosenbaum told a local ABC affiliate. “We don’t know if the dog went into the water and he went in to get the dog, or he fell into the water. But obviously, it’s a tragic accident.”

Ross’ wife, who has not been identified, gave a glimpse into what sounded like a lovely relationship between her husband and their dog. She told police the two walked together in this park, every day.

ABC reports that Ross’ wife and dog are both safe, and home together.

Our thoughts are with this family.

Featured image via Flickr/Montgomery County Planning Commission, used under a Creative Commons license


Arin Greenwood

6 years ago