Man And His Dog Try To Be Heroic But Wind Up Just Interrupting A Couple Having Sex

Joe Craig and his trusty pup, Harpo, had quite an eventful evening on Tuesday! The English writer thought he and his Chocolate Lab were being heroic when they happened upon a person trapped inside the trunk of a car, but… well… what started with a run-of-the-mill fox-watch—turned lion-hearted rescue mission—ended up being something a lot more… (ahem) consensual.

The story continues, of course, but he tells the story a lot better than I do, and all in just under 30 tweets…

I would be remiss to not include a few notable, post-story tweets:

You know what they say, dont’t come a-knockin’ if the hatchback is a-rockin’. Also, if you see something tweet something.

We hope you enjoyed tonight’s edition of Bark After Dark, the one-stop-shop for all your insane-in-the-canine, cuckoo-for-cocoa-ruffs, barking mad needs!

H/t via Huffington Post UK
Featured image via @joecraiguk/Twitter

Zoe Costello

6 years ago